Index to principal directors' report disclosures

Information required to be disclosed in the directors’ report may be found in the following sections:

Information Section in Annual Report
Business review Business review
Essential contracts or arrangements Additional disclosures
Disclosure of information to auditor Additional disclosures
Directors in office during the year Board of directors
Principal activities Business review
Dividend recommended for the year Business review
Details of qualifying third-party indemnity provisions Corporate governance report
Corporate responsibility governance Corporate responsibility review
Political and charitable donations and expenditure Corporate responsibility review
Financial instruments – risk management objectives
and policies
Business review
Post balance sheet events Note I11 of the Notes on the Group financial statements and Additional disclosures
Future developments of the business of the Company Group Chief Executive’s report
Employment policies and employee involvement Corporate responsibility review
Creditors – policy on payment and practice Corporate responsibility review
Structure of share capital, including restrictions on the transfer of securities, voting rights and significant shareholders Corporate governance report
Rules governing appointments of directors Corporate governance report
Rules governing changes to the articles of association Corporate governance report
Powers of directors Corporate governance report
Significant agreements impacted by a change of control Additional disclosures
Agreements for compensation for loss of office or employment on takeover Additional disclosures

In addition, the risk factors and the additional unaudited financial information, are incorporated by reference into this directors’ report.

Signed on behalf of the Board of directors

Alan F Porter
Group Company Secretary
12 March 2013


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